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leadership coaching

Coaching is always helpful; it's an objective view from the outside. When you are in the middle of of an experience, it's often difficult to really see what's going on for yourself. The best leaders will always recommend using an external coach - if in doubt, ask a business leader you really admire.  They'll tell you.

management coaching

People management is tricky at the best of times. Now, more than ever, skilled managers are needed. 121 coaching (and group coaching) helps to grow self-awareness & confidence when managing colleagues. Coaching isn't the same as training or mentoring - coaching unleashes someone's unique potentials.

NLP has been used in business for almost 50 years.  It's a remarkable set of techniques that builds emotional intelligence, strengthens interpersonal communication & evolves genuinely flexible behaviours.  Get ahead of your competitors, create positive-thinking teams & skilled influencers! We train (and qualify) people in a range of NLP-for-business applications (more details).

coaching training

If professional coaching isn't a central part of your business operation, it should be! You may have to hire an external coach to start with - and it's our passionate mission to install effective coaching capability within your organisation. Let us help you create your own, in-house coaching function.  You'll enjoy multiple benefits over time.

mental health & wellbeing workshops

Getting some of your people trained as mental health first aiders is a good initial step.  However, often this is not enough.  We can help you create a bespoke mental health & wellbeing function, fully integrated into your internal processes (HR, line management etc). We can also give on-going expert advice about how to notice signs of burn-out, stress & anxiety in your workforce - and what to do about it.

121 coaching

Sometimes, individuals in your business need 121 support outside the workplace. As  experienced NLP and mBIT Coaches, we can coach people through whatever is getting in their way of a healthy, happy and productive life. Happy, emotionally stable people are the foundation of a thriving business.

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