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Top performing teams, individuals and companies evolve from healthy staff (their mental and physical wellbeing), great relationships and from leadership behaviours that inspire creativity, compassion and courage. 

Our mission is to help organisations and individuals develop the competencies to thrive in these three critical functions.

" There's lots of anxiety, fear, worry and stress out there. We need managers to take this seriously and learn how to intervene compassionately & effectively "" 

Your people's mental health & physical wellbeing is critical to the success of your business.


In a Post-Covid world, anxiety, worry and self-doubt is now, sadly, commonplace. These issues become problems for organisations if they are not correctly addressed.

We are experienced Business Coaches, NLP Coaches & certified mBIT Coaches, skilled in helping individuals become healthier and happier people - which means more stability in your workforce and better results all round for your business. 

" Leadership is no longer just the responsibility of the person at the top; leadership qualities need to be unleashed all through your business" 

Particularly these days, with life & business becoming more unpredictable, leadership behaviours (such as vision, creativity, courage, innovation & inspiration) need to be harnessed everywhere within your business.


Great leaders need to find the courage & humility to actively encourage people to take more responsibility; unleashing people's leadership potentials revolutionises organisational culture.


We also have a mission to help businesses become competent at coaching; once you have excellent in-house coaching capability, the grind of hands-on management is reduced and results improve! 

Improving performance can be tricky.  The 'go to' default tends to be training.  Whilst training is valuable for plugging gaps in knowledge, what if your performance gaps are about:




poor concentration

fear of making mistakes.......

Coaching addresses all of those issues and all performance-related problems that can't be improved through training alone. 

" Almost always the first response to under-performance is more training. This needs to stop! Coaching reveals what's really going on when someone isn't performing. And then things start to get better "" 

Without effective and mutually supporting relationships - between colleagues, with your competitors and with your clients - your business won't thrive.

In an increasingly VUCA/BANI world where relationships are more and more virtual/online, hybrid & remote working more commonplace and businesses needing to be more agile than ever, meaningful relationships are critical.

There are numerous tools we can share with you that will make your teams expert communicators and relationship builders.

" Sometimes it feels like we've lost the fine art of creating & maintaining relationships.

In the current unpredictable, fractured world,

businesses need

relationship experts "

some testimonials......


G.C.(Senior Procurement professional)

"It is rare to meet someone with such an unusual skill set/expertise and with such a winning way in communicating it. Ed is a truly an inspirational man and a consummate professional."
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