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" Coaching shines a light into the darker places in our minds; the process gently illuminates those things about ourselves that we intuitively notice as some sort of       'I'm stuck ' but usually ignore or dismiss until our coach helps us to truly see our remarkable potentials. "" 

about me

A long time ago, a coach helped me transform my life.  I wasn't fulfilling my potentials, living my dreams, being productive or being particularly happy. Life was 'ok' but I knew it could be so much better.

Since experiencing coaching myself, I became a passionate advocate. Ever since, I have been sharing the tools and techniques that I learned to help others transform their lives, their relationships and their daily work. 

I'm a qualified coach, psychotherapist, mBIT coach and NLP trainer - now with over 20 years experience in the field working with all sorts of businesses and individuals.

Usually, our full potential is unavailable due to limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world around us. These limiting beliefs are often deep-rooted and we're mostly not aware of them. Coaching helps to illuminate and transform those 'out of awareness' things that are getting in our way. 

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