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We care that you achieve your goals. The results you are getting right now are coming from the behaviours of your people.  If you want better results, you need to change behaviour.  And you know that it can be very difficult to change habitual behaviours without help.

Through a range of interventions, we will work with you to identify the ideal behaviours you wish to see in your managers and leaders – and then devise bespoke training, mentoring, competency frameworks and coaching programmes to evoke lasting change.
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Performance Diagnostics

Optimal performance comes from the right blend of behaviour, strategy, environmental conditions, relationships, values, attitudes, beliefs….it’s not surprising that sometimes it’s difficult to know what to change first. Our comprehensive performance diagnostics identifies the most appropriate next steps.

One-to-One Coaching

There is increasing evidence that working with an external coach is one of the most effective ways of changing behaviour and improving performance. All our coaches are professionally trained and experienced; they hold qualifications and memberships from the top coaching schools, including ACUK, ILM and ICF.

Management Training & NLP Training

Preparing people for management is a complex and subtle process; we run bespoke training courses for your future managers. As part of the new manager’s tool kit, we strongly recommend training and qualifying in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). For NLP courses, click here; for all other courses click here.

Competency Frameworks

Everybody is different. So, how do you harness individual talent whilst maintaining cohesion? Once you’ve defined preferred behaviours for your organisation, you can align these with core values & aims, creating the conditions for optimal performance. We are experts in creating bespoke behavioural competency frameworks.