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Join us!  This is an immersive, challenging, fun, transformational and inspirational four days of learning.  The fundamentals of NLP are covered on this certified Diploma. 

The practical applications of NLP are enormous and varied – across multiple contexts, you can use NLP to help you and others achieve our best performance and unleash our full potentials.

The course is run with a mix of theory and practical stuff (more the latter to be honest); NLP is best learned by experiencing it first hand and exploring its models, processes and principles within a supportive, fun environment.  Groups are deliberately kept small (usually no more than 10 – 12 people) because we like to give each person plenty of support.  We encourage you to get stuck into the material and use it straight away – at work, at home, to help you plan and achieve your goals and a whole lot more.

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The GOOD NEWS is that NLP doesn’t actually “teach” new skills; you already have those skills – creativity, problem-solving, happiness, aspiration, curiosity, emotional intelligence……  It teaches you the HOW TO – improve your performance and your life.  NLP provides the tools to turn thoughts and feelings into positive action.


Anyone!  No previous experience of NLP required. The group currently shaping up for this November’s Diploma is a mix of people from different businesses, industries, professions, jobs……all wanting to improve their outcomes in both the personal and professional settings.

And YES, there are also numerous techniques you’ll learn that enables you and others to optimise their potentials.

That’s why the course is so useful for everyone, regardless of why you’re attending.


Here’s the unedited versions of what some of my students on the current 12-day NLP Practitioner course have said:

“Excellent course of an exceptionally high standard, taught with integrity. Edward is a born teacher, making complicated issues easy to understand and his enthusiasm creates a vibrant atmosphere in class. He is very encouraging towards his pupils and always concerned about their safety and wellbeing. His obvious passion for NLP is contagious. In my opinion, having seen others teach NLP as well, there is no one more suitable, more passionate and more knowledgeable than Edward Grey.”  Maatje L


“For me NLP has without doubt, vastly improved and benefited the quality of my life in virtually every aspect. The tools it gives you are so transferable into all areas of your life. And it all started for me when I did the Diploma with Ed a few years ago.  Ed is a world class trainer and there’s an authenticity and sincerity to him that is second to none and I look up to and aspire to be like him as my journey of self improvement continues. The Diploma is the perfect first stepping stone, I enjoyed it so much I signed up to the practitioner course with Ed virtually immediately after the Diploma.  I would thoroughly recommend everyone to train with Ed.”  Bryn P

“Hi Ed, just like to give some feedback on the NLP Practitioners course I am currently attending. I would like to say how welcome I have felt and how well you get the subject across to me and others, especially noting how diverse we as a group are. Over the years I have attended many different courses including some with various NLP content and this one has been an absolute pleasure to attend, I can’t believe how much I’ve learnt about the subject and myself! Thanks again”  John T

NLP Diploma

4 Days training, back-to-back  14th – 17th November 2019   (time: 0930 – 1630 each day)
Investment Cost: £600 (+ VAT for corporate-paying attendees); deposit payable in advance; payment plans available (call to talk about this and arrange the best way for you)
Location: The IOW NLP Centre, Roud, Isle of Wight, PO38 3LH
Contact: info@iownlp.com       01983 840 830         079600 12475