Our thoughts, emotions and feelings dictate our behaviour.


help people change their behaviours.

It's a simple equation:

new behaviours = new results

things I do

121 coaching

Simply put, one of the most powerful ways to facilitate change. Sessions are typically 90mins long. The success of coaching is built upon three things: trust, clarity of purpose, professional processes. I make sure all three are alive and well in every session. My coaching sessions are solution-oriented; that means we are always working towards measurable changes, tangible action, well-defined new behaviours.

leadership mentoring

Being at the top of a business can often be a lonely, stressful experience. 121 mentoring is a great opportunity to off-load to an external advisor, get suggestions, advice and support. I bring over 20 years of working with leaders from all sorts of organisations; there's bound to be stuff that you'd find useful in that lot.

performance diagnostics

When you're right in it, you need an outside view. This is particularly true of figuring out what's actually going on within your business. Often we think we know what the problem is, but the outside view helps to clarify what the problem actually is. My mind thinks systemically; that means I can help you understand ALL the pieces and work out what needs sorting out first. 

behaviour frameworks

I'm still surprised at how many businesses don't have a way of articulating what "good" is with regard to the behaviours they want inside their organisation. And even when they have a vague idea, many don't know how to capture this as part of their growth strategy.  I do. I can help you create a bespoke behaviour framework that will prove pivotal in improving results (and a whole load more benefits.)

performance improvement

Sadly, many businesses still don't really know how to create a joined-up process that brings together appraisals, recruitment, retention, personal development plans and performance management.  I do.  (And believe me, without these things all being joined up, you won't get anywhere near the positive changes you are hoping for). 

group coaching & training

Sometimes there are lots of benefits to working with a group; I can deliver a range of team workshops, trainings and group coaching sessions. The advantages include: bonding groups in a shared purpose, increased motivation & engagement, more ownership & innovation....and lots more.