Over 20 years ago, a coach helped me change my life forever. How? 

I learned that I could choose my next thought, emotion & feeling. All our behaviours come from our thinking, emoting & feeling.

Choice always exists.

It's often hard to acknowledge this; but we can practise the art of choosing.



For over 20 years I have been driven to help others take back control of their lives.  In every context, in business, at home, in every relationship and in every moment, we can choose.

My mission is to help others develop the skills to be able to make the right choices for themselves and the people and things that really matter to them. 

coach? psychotherapist?

It's a powerful combination of skills, being a coach and a psychotherapist. Why did I choose both? Because whichever way you look at it, "better" will always be the domain of the mind. I trained in both disciplines so I could deal with both the personal & professional troubles that come my way. 

Can you honestly separate the two? My job is to help to get to "better", whatever it takes. 

Therapy Session