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The global Covid pandemic has highlighted the need for all of us to look after our mental health. Businesses are increasingly recognising that the emotional & physical well-being of their people is critical.  This is true not just from an ethical, duty of care perspective; it's critical for business performance too.

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stress & anxiety

I have huge experience helping people manage stress, reduce anxiety and move out 'stuck states' into healthier, happier & more productive lives.

I work with the principle that improvements in well-being has to be addressed in two ways: (i) the health of our own minds & bodies; (ii) the health of our relationships.

Solid training in NLP makes a significant difference; as a regional ANLP Ambassador, I can deliver high quality, robust, certified & professional NLP courses for individuals & teams. 

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integrated well-being 

Businesses need to integrate well-being procedures & processes - not just have a few workshops or change some words in a policy. 

With my experience across both business performance and mental health, I can help you develop bespoke processes that fully integrate the well-being agenda with your core operational procedures.