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“Ed is totally professional and a subject matter expert with the ability to communicate complex matters in a coherent manner to a wide range of different audiences.” Mike D.

”Ed has had a huge influence in my development both from a professional and a personal point of view. I started working with Ed on a one to one basis and right from the start he was fantastic. He was very personable and certainly makes you feel at ease right from day one. When we started working with each other we agreed clear objectives, however through the course of our sessions Ed was extremely flexible in adapting our coaching sessions to what was required. He worked at my pace, which in a busy work environment was great, and was extremely adaptable and flexible. On reflection, at the end of our sessions he had certainly not only met all my expectation but exceeded them. The tools he taught me I still use today in all aspects of my life and will continue to do so. Ed made it very easy to work, learn and develop with him. It was certainly a positive career but also a life changing experience working with Ed for which I will always be grateful.” Stephen McC.

”I have worked with Edward for a good number of years and have found him to be dedicated, reliable, calm and level-headed in troubled times and has shown himself to have an inquisitive and creative mind and one whose opinion was always sought and valued.” Steve M.

“I have worked with Ed on a number of occasions whilst at the CIPS. He is, quite possibly, one of the best presenters/mediators I have met. With experience in both procurement and leadership skills, Ed knows his subject matter and is an informed, creative and confident trainer and presenter, his style is relaxed and his knowledge is thorough and wide-ranging. It is rare to meet someone with such an unusual skill set/expertise and with such a winning way in communicating it. Ed is a truly an inspirational man and a consummate professional. I would recommend him without hesitation.” Gerard C.

“I have worked with Ed for the last two or three years as one of our clients. I have always found him to be a pleasure to deal with. He is upbeat, engaging and supportive as a client and we have always appreciated his input.” Joan I.

“Ed is an inspiration! Deep thinking and delighted to accept a challenge as an opportunity. Dedicated and fully committed to providing concise information and an excellent ability to really listen, quickly analyse and revert with a challenging response. He has changed for the better the way I do business and deal with our most valuable resource. People.” David H.

“Ed is a highly skilled trainer, coach and Master Practitioner in NLP. He is very adept at developing and running training programmes for our business which have made a material difference to how our people work and deliver – and our clients tell us that they are noticing the difference! He also works with candidates on outplacement programmes. Ed is so skilled at what he does that our clients are now asking if he can deliver training for them! Ed is an essential part of the ‘differenece that makes the difference’ here in my business.” Christina L.

“Ed facilitates regular sessions on NLP as part of the University of Lincoln’s MSc Logistics Management degree. His audience are all military officers and as such demand the highest educational standards. Ed does not disappoint and is always well received; indeed most of our students are left asking for more which speaks volumes for Ed’s overall professionalism and shear enthusiasm for his subject. A reliable and acknowledged expert in his field, I would strongly recommend Ed.” Gary R.

“Ed: insight, patience and humour season Ed’s undoubted high level of intellectual capability in a really endearing and disarming manner. The latter enables him to get to the heart of a problem very quickly, and then to express his assessment with economy and credibility. The former means that he’s always great company and just the sort of consultant you want to have around you when the going gets tough” (can’t remember who wrote this one for me!)

“As the Head of Interim Practice it has been a key focus to develop my team’s capabilities Edward Grey and Blue Touch Paper have been absolutely paramount to achieving this goal, often training or coaching whilst the individual is ‘on task’ and generating a sense of real time improvement. Their style very consultative and inclusive and the workshops are always aligned to my own and the business needs.” Steve D.

“I have had the pleasure of experiencing Ed’s work on numerous occasions in recent years. He is always energetic, refreshing, enlightening and great value. Ed has the ability to entertain a crowd with thought-provoking analysis and insight as well as being able to build a highly valuable one to one coaching relationship. Thoroughly recommended.”  Peter H.

“I can’t speak highly enough of Ed and the work that he does. The NLP training I attended was the best course I have experienced – and there have been many. I have been able to make daily use of the alternative thinking generated from listening to Ed during the course and in subsequent email exchanges and discussions. Brilliant!” Sian L.

“I was fortunate enough to be at the CIPS Health Technology event where Ed was a guest speaker and I found his leadership presentation fascinating, thought-provoking and insightful and his delivery engaging. I enjoyed every minute and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to others.” 

“Ed has been an absolute inspiration to me! Having helped me identify blocks and limiting beliefs, I was empowered to put a strategy in place to move forward. I recommend Ed as an individual who inspires self-belief and respects individuality. It is with the greatest appreciation for his support and his effectiveness in creating a culture unlike any other I’ve experienced, that I recommend his work. Thanks Ed!!” Laura M.

“Ed provides a welcoming, warm environment to learn and understand NLP.  His approach to NLP is holistic,  sensitive and enthusiastic.  If you are interested in learning more about NLP, I recommend Ed (BlueTouchPaper Consulting Ltd).  I am currently on the NLP Practitioner course with Ed.   The course is challenging and enlightening.   Ed’s approach is enthusiastic, enquiring and balanced.   I highly recommend Ed as an excellent teacher and guide.” Jo P.

“Excellent course of an exceptionally high standard, taught with integrity. Edward is a born teacher, making complicated issues easy to understand and his enthusiasm creates a vibrant atmosphere in class. He is very encouraging towards his pupils and always concerned about their safety and wellbeing. His obvious passion for NLP is contagious. In my opinion, having seen others teach NLP as well, there is no one more suitable, more passionate and more knowledgeable than Edward Grey.” Maatje L.

“For me NLP has without a doubt, vastly improved and benefited the quality of my life in virtually every aspect. The tools it gives you are so transferable into all areas of your life. And it all started for me when I did the Diploma with Ed a few years ago. Ed is a world class trainer and there’s an authenticity and sincerity to him that is second to none and I look up to and aspire to be like him as my journey of self-improvement continues. The Diploma is the perfect first stepping stone, I enjoyed it so much I signed up for the practitioner course with Ed virtually immediately after the Diploma. I thoroughly recommend everyone to train with Ed.” Bryn P.
“Hi Ed, just like to give some feedback on the NLP Practitioners course I am currently attending. I would like to say how welcome I have felt and how well you get the subject across to me and others, especially noting how diverse we as a group are. Over the years I have attended many different courses including some with various NLP content and this one has been an absolute pleasure to attend, I can’t believe how much I’ve learnt about the subject and myself! Thanks again” John T.