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We’ve had a truly amazing weekend, the first of four ‘long weekends’ (Fri-Sun) for our NLP Practitioner course.

The group is lovely; some familiar faces from previous NLP Diploma courses and some new faces from the Island.  All of the students came with open hearts, enquiring minds, useful questions and insightful comments.

from Daniel Siegel's inspiring work.

from Daniel Siegel’s inspiring work.

During the first Module we’ve explored some core NLP concepts and attitudes and had plenty of time to familiarise ourselves with three of the major principles of NLP: calibration, rapport and ecology. It’s been really good fun – and challenging too!  We’ve also begun to integrate some key aspects from a few other aligned modalities and approaches (such as Daniel Siegel’s work, above and Mindfulness).

All in all, a fab start to what will be a truly exciting and life-changing experience.  My on-going thanks to all my wonderful students!  Can’t wait until the next Module on the 2nd March……